Better Balance
Monthly Membership
for Individuals & Couples

Do you have a fear of falling? Do you feel you don’t have the strength and control over your body that you used to? Let me help you take control of your future and movement with my Better Balance Monthly membership.

What's Included?

Individuals & Couples

Access All Online Sessions

100 1-hr classes plus over 100 exercises to choose from. All Accessible for the duration of your membership.

Video Demos

Demonstrations of all exercises to ensure good form.

Self-Paced Exercises

All content on the website can be done more than once and will be available until you end your membership.

Free 7-Day Trial

Have a front-seat preview of how things will go, before you pay anything.

Pause or Cancel Anytime

Head to the “Subscription” tab in your account, and either pause or cancel your membership at your convenience.

Email Consultation

Ask me any fitness related questions directly through email.

Phone Consultation

Receive a personalised exercise program to suit your fitness & mobility level.