Chapter 1: Warm Up. Make sure you do one of the three warm ups provided to get the mind and body ready for movement. You may find the coordination a little challenging. Just remember that you are growing new brain cells when you struggle. So enjoy your journey. Once you have warmed up, choose from one of the 100 classes below or alternatively pick out some exercises from chapters 7 to 14.
Chapter 2 - 20 classes: Better Balance for Life - Lets continue our Fitness Journey - Remember to warm up prior to commencing a session, especially if you are cold. Take everything at your own pace, take a seat when you need and only join back in when you are ready. Let's have some fun and learn a little on the way ?
Chapter 3 - 20 classes: Better Balance for Life - The Journey Continues. As always take it at your own pace and take a rest when ever you need one.
Chaper 4 - 20 classes: Better Balance for Life - Let the Journey Continue. Make sure you are staying well hydrated before, during and after your class. Always listening to that body and doing the best you can with what you have on the day
Chapter 7 - Basic Balance Exercises to begin a session - Pick and choose your own exercise journey
Chapter 11 - Brain and Breathing - Here is where you can really make a difference to how you feel. Improve sleep, stress, depression, weight lose, memory, cognitive processing and so much more

CH 2 – Session 11 – Weights needed for this session. Legs, fear control, skipping & arms

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