I'm Lesley French, Longevity and Anti Ageing Coach

I help women over 40 regain their vitality and confidence so they can redefine their golden years.

There are 2 ways I can help you:

Better Balance For Life

Regain Confidence in Every Step

Feeling off-balance isn’t just a physical challenge; it’s a blow to your confidence. Let’s change that. In ‘Better Balance for Life’, you’ll rediscover the stability and strength that seem to slip away with age. Imagine moving through your day with a sure-footed grace, free from the fear of falling or the uncertainty in each step. Here, you’ll find more than exercises; you’ll reclaim your independence and joy in movement, transforming fear into freedom.
Stride into a life of balanced empowerment.

A New Way Out: Ignite Your Potential

Empower Your Life After 40

Turning 40 isn’t the end; it’s the start of your most empowered chapter. ‘A New Way Out’ is more than personal coaching; it’s a gateway to the life you deserve. Together, we’ll tackle the pains and stresses that cloud your days, transforming them into strengths. This journey is about igniting the spark within you that’s been dimmed by life’s struggles. It’s about conquering fear, embracing change, and celebrating your inner warrior with every triumph.
Let’s walk this transformative path together.


Empowered clients

I’ve had the joy of guiding people like you to not just achieve their fitness and wellness goals, but also rediscover their inner strength and autonomy.

I’m happy to say that my overall pain levels have dropped dramatically.


Lesley gives clear delivery during her teachings & she goes the extra mile - not limited to class times.


Highly recommend it to anyone who has pain & any emotional problems. She really cares about people.


Beautiful Lesley French is a powerhouse of up-to-date knowledge and worth her weight in gold.


I feel uplifted and happy! Thanks Lesley for your beautiful positive personality.


My total fitness level has improved so much I feel its taken years off my age. I don’t need pain killers now.


It generated many discussions between us on issues we hadn’t previously discussed in depth.

Alan & Lydie

I now have fantastic tools to help deal with stress and anxiety.


Just understanding why it happens has helped enormously. Chronic pain doesn’t scare me anymore.


Your vitality journey starts
with a no obligation phone call.

15 mins.

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