"better balance,"
"transformed life."

I am writing this testimonial to express my immense gratitude for the incredible support and guidance I received from Lesley throughout my journey to recover from two frozen shoulders.

When I first started my sessions with Lesley, I was facing the daunting challenge of dealing with a frozen shoulder, a condition that severely limited my range of motion and caused persistent pain. From the very beginning, Lesley demonstrated a deep understanding of my condition and a genuine commitment to helping me regain not only my physical abilities but also my overall well-being.

Lesley approached my rehabilitation with a perfect blend of expertise, compassion, and encouragement. The personalized workout plans were designed with precision, targeting the specific areas that needed attention.

What stood out the most was Lesley’s ability to adapt the exercises to my individual needs and challenges, ensuring that each session was not only effective but also enjoyable.

Beyond the physical aspect, the revelation about the interplay between my brain and physical condition was a game-changer, and Lesley skilfully guided me through the process of rewiring both my body and mind.

Lesley goes above and beyond, creating a supportive anduplifting environment that fosters true healing. I am immensely grateful for the positive impact Lesley has had on my life.


Beautiful Lesley French, with qualifications in Neuroplasticity, is a powerhouse of up-to-date knowledge and worth her weight in gold.

Lesley has two great passions which ultimately, have a huge impact on the lives of seniors blessed to have her as their mentor, giving each of us hope in the face of hopelessness, and empowering us with the tools and exercises essential to build confidence, flexibility and strength, thus enabling us to discover that free-spirited child within each of us, who moves freely and without fear of falling, and so, ages gracefully.

Leslie has provided me with resourceful information that is allowing me to take control of my lifelong anxiety. Her emphasis on the importance of the Dr Lois Laynee Restorative Breathing technique was just one game-changer for me.

Leslie, though tiny in stature, is larger than life, driven by her enthusiasm, passion and commitment to helping everyone she meets. Lesley is the mastermind behind “A New Way Out” and I can’t recommend this course highly enough. You will come away with a detailed Manual, delivered electronically, and updated weekly, of course information, videos, and reference books. Thank you, Lesley French, for freely imparting all that wisdom and knowledge in your very heart and soul.

Perth, Western Australia.
After hip and knee replacement I lost confidence to try something challenging. I love achieving things I didn’t think I could do and its fun. With more balance comes more confidence. I was able to walk kings canyon, also the tree adventure in Yanchep.
Perth, Western Australia.

Prior to and after major surgery my balance was very poor.

I really like learning about different balance techniques.
Since starting this class my balance has improved a fair bit. I am tending to move in a more upright stance, not slouching as much.

I have to say on starting this course I wasn’t sure what to expect!

I’ve learnt a lot and I’m happy to say that my overall pain levels have dropped dramatically. I’ve had pain for approximately 23 years which I was shocked at when I looked back in my life. I haven’t taken any strong pain medication for approximately four months now, which is amazing.

I’m putting into practice what I’ve learnt but at this time stressful time with my husband I haven’t been as committed to my practices.
I’m so much more aware of my language and I catch myself if I have negative thoughts!

Overall I’m very grateful to you Lesley for your help and your continued advice.


After doing Lesley’s course, I now have fantastic tools to help deal with stress and anxiety.

Also the course gives a greater understanding of how our bodies and minds work; helping you to understand what can be causing your pain, stress or anxiety.

I would recommend this to anyone needing help in these areas.


"No way in the world I would have been able to do this without attending Lesley's classes."

Perth, Western Australia.

"I feel great when I have done a class. It's a really good way to get fit and feel good."

Perth, Western Australia.
Having just retired from a management position sitting in an office all day, my balance and strength was poor. Lesley looks after safety first. Treats oldies with respect. My overall balance and fitness has improved. I find the socialisation a bonus for people like me that live alone.
Perth, Western Australia.
Such a fun class. Great to do weights that don’t go above my head. The caring instructor who is obviously very experienced as she is very knowledgeable. I feel up lifted and happy! Thanks Lesley for your beautiful positive personality.
Perth, Western Australia.
Perth, Western Australia.

"You'll never regret doing it."

Perth, Western Australia.

"Given me a new lease on life."

Perth, Western Australia.

"In the comfort of your own home."

Perth, Western Australia.

"Before attending the balance classes I was sore and stiff and afraid of falling."

Now I practice what I’ve learned and I’m not afraid of falling . I am more sure footed.

I like the way we are shown how to do each exercise so we can build on improving even when we are at home. My total fitness level has improved so much I feel its taken years off my age. Im stronger, I don’t need pain killers now.
My walking is faster, my posture is better. My overall health has improved by being so active.
A big thank you to Lesley for all she does for us.

Perth, Western Australia.

"...On cobble stones and uneven footh paths and never had a fall."

"Changed my life."

The confidence it’s given me to even get on an elevator, on a train; I had trust issues with my equipment and I’ve been able during my trip to do all of this. Within a year my husband can’t believe how much trust I have in myself.

Perth, Western Australia.
I was quite fit on account of swimming and the gym but not too flexible prior to starting the classes. I love Lesley’s knowledge and presentation of material plus interaction with great people (including the instructor). Since beginning the classes I have less stiffness on awaking in the morning. More confidence in general with physical activity, ability to put one leg after another into shorts immediately after getting out of bed in the morning.
Perth, Western Australia.
I thought I was fit and had balance but clearly not. I like the variety and we are educated on our body and how we can improve our mobility. It’s fun also. I know longer have to take my anti inflammatories which I’ve been taking for many years. I have 13 grandchilden and was unable to play with them on the floor like I now can with my 9 month old grandchild. I have more energy and have started to become aware of my body, I can do things I didn’t think I could do.
Perth, Western Australia.
Did not have strength in my legs even though I walked 10000 steps a day five days a week. Excellent instructor. Can’t speak highly enough of Lesley. Great knowledge makes you feel comfortable. Balance varies depending on what is happening in life. My Strength and balance is at the place where I never thought it would be. I started because I wanted to get strong. Excellent, feel great
Perth, Western Australia.

I completed the Lesley French New Way Out classes yesterday & would strongly recommend it to anyone wishing for better health in both body & mind.

Lesley gives clear delivery during her teachings & she goes the extra mile – not limited to class times. She is passionate & sincerely dedicated to helping others.

Nearing the end of the 10 week course I experienced something we’d learned that was quite profound.

I had previously had a gut health issue & part of that was IBS. I was unable to tolerate certain foods, Asparagus one of them.

Every year we go to the same Hotel & eat breakfast at the same venue. Last January I commenced a pro & prebiotic nutrition plan.

On advice from the Gastroenterologist & after about 6mths, my stomach issue was great & I could eat all the asparagus I wished, among other vegetables which could send me to the bathroom as many as 5 times in an hour in the past.

November 2023 we were back in our Hotel & in the morning I was looking for Asparagus on the menu, but couldn’t find it. I ordered my eggs & to my surprise I had 2 Asparagus spears with them. I know I was pleased to see them, but as soon as I sighted them a flash from the previous year was what I saw & an instant hesitation with it. It lasted only seconds & I ate the greens & enjoyed them.

But Then > O Oh > I had to move quickly & get to the bathroom! It was only twice this year, but I’d eaten asparagus & broccolini so many times through the year & it had no bad effect on me.

What I found interesting > my thought / fear, even though a flash had an effect on my body. Proof > to be mindful what we think….

An informative course, expertly delivered with knowledge and passion.

It generated many discussions between us on issues we hadn’t previously discussed in depth.   Well recommended.
Alan & Lydie

I am so grateful to have done this course Lesley teaches it with clarity, knowledge and humour. It has given me tools to use to overcome anxiety.

It’s given me hope and direction and learning the nasal breathing has helped me with the anxiety and also my Sinus problem. I hardly ever have it now.

I highly recommend it to anyone who has pain and any emotional problems. She is a great teacher and really cares about people.

Perth, Western Australia.

I have completed the first 10 week course of A New Way Out. The course for me was extraordinary.

I was helped from the first lesson. I have lived with chronic pain since childhood after I was run down by a car as a three year old. A head injury with concussion a year ago was my main reason for attending this course. The head pain had become chronic. The more stress I was under the more head pain I suffered. It was a very painful snowball effect that was seriously lowering my quality of life.

Understanding chronic pain and how our brain and bodies are responsible for it was life changing. I now have understanding of how Icame to be trapped in chronic pain and the tools to manage my way out of it. My pain is considerably less than the day I began the course. I continue to use the information I have learned and feel sure I will continue to improve. Just understanding why it happens has helped enormously.

Chronic pain doesn’t scare me anymore. I can’t thank Lesley enough for sharing her knowledge and changing my life.

Perth, Western Australia.

I like to say thank you Lesley for your teaching, advice, and support and especially for your understanding.

Your weekly lessons and videos have been instrumental in giving us the tools to understand the proper body and mind functions. Those 10 weeks of information and demonstrations have helped me to deal better with my physical and mental pain naturally. I can refer to them whenever needed. Thank you.

I found your level of care and your way of teaching excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending your course to my family and friends if they ever require me to deal with pain, anxiety, or depression. Thanks to those 10 sessions, I am today a lot more relaxed, assertive and confident with life in general.

Anne Marie
Perth, Western Australia.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel I got a lot out of it. I have to admire your passion and knowledge.

I do not currently have a problem with pain although I have at times had quite bad shoulder, back and leg pain. I realized that sometimes my pain or perceived problem (racing heart for no good reason) was associated with elevated stress so it was fascinating to hear your explanations of the way we think and how it affects us.

I feel attending the course gave me a set of tools to assist with my health in the future. I found myself talking about what you had  said after every session.

I feel physically fitter and more able to do my every chores with an ease that I just didn’t have before.

I have recommended your course to family and friends.

Perth, Western Australia.

"Attending your course helped me  release  the  remaining trauma that I still had!"

I worked for a Hairdressing Supplier as a Manager of one store and a Coordinator for their 5 other stores and loved doing it! One Friday afternoon my colleague Lilly was at the service desk, and I was finishing off a chore down one of the aisles!  I heard a male voice and saw that Lilly was panicking, the male voice was getting louder and I realised that he had a gun pointed at her head!

I knew if I moved forward he would shoot Lilly, she managed to give him the cash so he left! I locked the door, rang the police and tried to calm Lilly down because she was hysterical, bless her!The police were there in no time and they were amazing!!  Technically, we should have had on -site counselling before leaving the premises but no one was available at 5.30 on a Friday afternoon!! I rang Lilly’s husband who came to pick her up as she was in no fit state to drive!

The police stayed  while I locked up the premises etc and one of them commented about how calm I was through all this etc etc -I surprised myself really  because I scream if I see a mouse normally ! The police said they would ask one of their guys to call me to give me some counselling over the phone once I got home! I cried all the way home, the cop did ring me/he was amazing!! He had had a gun to his head so he understood!

Lilly and I did get counselling on the first day back! But I ended up needing more lately!All this happened in the year 2000?, but during your course (session 6 )  the incident came back to me  and in my head I could hear the robber yelling at Lilly once again!! I also had lower back pain, which eventually disappeared, but I felt I had ‘buried‘ the incident deep down inside me Which caused the pain and that attending your course helped me  release  the  remaining trauma that I still had! Weird but wonderful! Thank you for reading my story and thanks for all the good work you do!!


You too can regain your confidence and mobility.