What my class participants are saying


Before attending the balance classes I was sore and stiff and afraid of falling.
Now I practice what I've learned and I'm not afraid of falling . I am more sure footed.
I like the way we are shown how to do each exercise so we can build on improving even when we are at home.
My total fitness level has improved so much I feel its taken years off my age. Im stronger, I don't need pain killers now.
My walking is faster, my posture is better. My overall health has improved by being so active.
A big thank you to Lesley for all she does for us.
Perth, Western Australia
I thought I was fit and had balance but clearly not.
I like the variety and we are educated on our body and how we can improve our mobility. It's fun also.
I know longer have to take my anti inflammatories which I've been taking for many years.
I have 13 grandchilden and was unable to play with them on the floor like I now can with my 9 month old grandchild.
I have more energy and have started to become aware of my body, I can do things I didn't think I could do.
Perth, Western Australia
I was quite fit on account of swimming and the gym but not too flexible prior to starting the classes.
I love Lesley's knowledge and presentation of material plus interaction with great people (including the instructor).
Since beginning the classes I have less stiffness on awaking in the morning.
More confidence in general with physical activity, ability to put one leg after another into shorts immediately after getting out of bed in the morning.
Perth, Western Australia
Did not have strength in my legs even though I walked 10000 steps a day five days a week.
Excellent instructor. Can't speak highly enough of Lesley. Great knowledge makes you feel comfortable.
Balance varies depending on what is happening in life. My Strength and balance is at the place where I never thought it would be. I started because I wanted to get strong.
Excellent, feel great
Perth, Western Australia
Such a fun class.
Great to do weights that don't go above my head.
The caring instructor who is obviously very experienced as she is very knowledgeable.
I feel up lifted and happy!
Thanks Lesley for your beautiful positive personality.
Perth, Western Australia
Prior to and after major surgery my balance was very poor.
I really like learning about different balance techniques.
Since starting this class my balance has improved a fair bit. I am tending to move in a more upright stance, not slouching as much.
Perth, Western Australia
Having just retired from a management position sitting in an office all day, my balance and strength was poor.
Lesley looks after safety first.
Treats oldies with respect.
My overall balance and fitness has improved.
I find the socialisation a bonus for people like me that live alone.
Perth ,Western Australia
After hip and knee replacement I lost confidence to try something challenging.
I love achieving things I didn't think I could do and its fun.
With more balance comes more confidence.
I was able to walk kings canyon, also the tree adventure in Yanchep.
Perth, Western Australia
I feel great when I have done a class.
It's a really good way to get fit and feel good.
Perth, Western Australia